SFIA Helpful Facts

SFIA roads are County roads, maintained by Teller County. The speed limit within SFIA is 20 mph.  Please drive with caution as residents (including children) walk, run, ride bikes and horses, etc.

Unlicensed vehicles (ATV's, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, dune buggies, etc.) are considered "off road" vehicles and  are not legal to drive on County roads.  

Dogs must be licensed in Teller County and on a leash or on your property. Click here to learn more about the Teller County Animal Control Ordinance.

It is illegal to harm the wildlife - contact the Division of wildlife if you have a problem.  Please be careful on the roads; slow down, the deer and elk are out at all times.

Please put trash outside with lids only on trash pick-up days as trash invites all kinds of wildlife including bear, mountain lions and birds. 

Did You Know That Your . . .  

S.F.I.A. is a dedicated advocate for all property owners in Sherwood Forest. 

S.F.I.A. has a comprehensive website (sfiadivide.org) that is updated regularly.
S.F.I.A. provided the spectacular designer Sherwood Forest entry sign and also pays for the light that illumines the entry at night.
S.F.I.A. provides a community well available to any member who is in need of water for a nominal yearly fee.  

S.F.I.A. is now responsible for the mail box slots that help provide mail service to all community members. 

S.F.I.A. maintains a community hall that is available for all residents to utilize for activities and events.

S.F.I.A. advocates with Teller County Road and Bridge to keep our roads and culverts in excellent condition.

S.F.I.A. has been working hard to raise funds to help with neighborhood school kids projects while at the same  time promoting fun summer events. 

S.F.I.A. pays the taxes on several community properties in Sherwood Forest including the Community Hall and Community Park and Ski Run at the corner of Huntingdon and Will Scarlet. 

S.F.I.A. Membership Fee is due annually (Dues form is available in the "Download" section at the bottom of this page). 


Teller County Contacts

Fire and Emergencies 911
Teller County Sheriff (non emergency) 719.687.9652
Animal Control (call Sheriff - ask for animal control) 719.687.9652
Assessor's Office 719.689.2941
Clerk & Recorder 719.687.2951
Commissioners 719.689.2988
Colorado Wildlife 719.227.5200
US Forest Service 719.836.2031
Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS) 719.686.7707 (10am-5pm)    
Teller County Road Department: road-work requests 719.687.8812 

Teller County Utilities:

Colorado Natural Gas (CNG) Emergency 719.687.9017 / 800.720.8193

Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) Emergency 719.687.9017 / 800.332.9540

Individual Water Well Registration

To register your water well or to verify that your water well is in your name, visit the 

Colorado Division of Water Resources website

You will need your unit number ( 1-8), Lot and Block information. If your Water Well is registered under a different name, download and print the name change form from the Colorado Division of Water Resources website, complete the form and send it in.