December 2018 Newsletter

SFIA Vision: To bring people together as a community dedicated to participation and cooperation for the common good of all.

SFIA Mission Statement: To encourage and support each other by working together to accomplish community goals.

Semi-Annual Meeting on July 15th, 2018

We were very fortunate to have Ryan Kennedy and Mitch Fox-Rivera from the Divide Fire Protection District come to discuss how our community can be more prepared for wildfire property and safety issues. Mitigation efforts need to begin closest to your home and move out from there. If you live in or near wooded areas, limbing and thinning of your trees is advised. The more properties that are mitigated will allow the fire department the opportunity to get to more homes. Packets of information were made available to the SFIA, and we will also have these available at our next meeting.

Two areas of concern that are always brought up at meetings are speeding cars and loose dogs in our neighborhood. Please call the Teller County Sheriff at 687-9652 to report.

A request was made for more volunteers to help with various aspects of maintaining our community organization, and 6 community members signed our list. We sincerely thank and appreciate those volunteers who are willing to help us out.

Emily Pappadakis presented a wonderful list of ideas for children’s summer activities and had a sign up list for help. Let’s hope we get more interest and volunteers to make that happen!

After our meeting, we had a fantastic chili lunch and 50/50 raffle fundraiser. Thanks to the board members who helped make this happen – Garen Ferrenbach, Billie Kilman, Emily Pappadakis, Catherine DiMauro and Lavender Foot. Special thanks to Billie for providing beer from her son’s brewery in COS – Storybook Brewing. And thanks also to Emily for taking home the extra food to share through her church. Linda Pruitt won $28 in the raffle, and we raised $140 for the SFIA.

Invitation To Our Community

Please consider coming to our semi-annual meetings to meet your neighbors and bring ideas for community involvement and enrichment. All are welcome!

Community Well Usage Reminder

Our community well is available to qualified SFIA members.  Cost for access is $100 per year and is strictly for authorized individual residential use only. This resource is usually for emergency use and is monitored for only authorized users.  

Message From Brian Kerrigan, Mueller State Park Manager

Brian would like our community to know that Mueller State Park is funded by visitors to the park and not by the state. He invites Sherwood Forest community members to come and enjoy all the resources there for recreation. There are over 44 miles of trails which include hiking, snowshoeing and cross-county skiing activities with designated trails for biking and horseback riding. Visit for more information. No vehicles are allowed on trails. Residents who live near the borders of Mueller State Park are encouraged to be on the lookout for public hunting, target shooting, campers in areas not designated for camping and any off road vehicles as well as smoke from any potential wildfires. Please contact Brian at 719-687-2366 x105 if you notice any suspicious activities from your property.

Please Consider Supporting Your Community and Joining the SFIA by Becoming A Member

On the back of this newsletter is our dues membership form. Won’t you consider becoming a member to help support your community? Only $50 per year ($4.17 per month) would help us so much to keep providing the many valuable things we do for everyone’s benefit.

Welcome to Connie Henricks and Jeni Smoot as New Members At Large on Our Board

Next Semi-Annual Meeting is Jan. 27th, 1:00 pm at the Pike’s Peak Community Center in Divide

In addition to our regular meeting, we will have a guest speaker, Jeni Smoot, who will discuss the 2019 tax law.

Lavender Foot SFIA VP